bikn finds your stuff and finds your iPhone

August 6, 2012 • All • Views: 1391

bikn finds iphone


BiKN truly is an amazing piece of technology. This cool gadget, once activated, lets you find your lost iphone OR find your lost whatever. The product comes with

All you have to do is clip on the case onto your iPhone, download the app connect the BiKN thumb-sized tag (up to 8 tags!), and you can start searching! You can find your phone or whatever one of the tags is attached to, have it on a leash (it beeps whenever your get close to one of them with increasing intensity based on the distance between the two, and page it if you generally lost it! This awesome product is something i definitely need as I constantly lose things. Want this soooo bad!

Honestly check out the video and you’ll know what matters!

bikn finds iphone

bikn finds iphone

I want this, I need this!
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