C/DOCK wakes you up stylishly + your iPhone is fully charged!

July 11, 2012 • All • Views: 2029

C/DOCK cool iphone dock 3

The C/DOCK is an amazing iPhone (only 4+4S)dock station that doubles as a bedside clock. This cool product adds a little class and design to your bedroom while charging your phone. Ever wake up with your phone battery dying? Yeah, this won’t happen anymore as it’s a contant reminder. I want this personally!

It was recently funded a bit over 100% its KickStarter goal, it’s always great to see these great products succeed. I want this, I need this!


C/DOCK cool iphone dock

C/DOCK cool iphone dock 2

Check out the video of how the team came up with it and created the C/DOCK.

I want this, I need this!
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