Cool bananas 13″ macbook pro envelope case sends you off to bliss

CoolBananas Envelope Leather Case

April 13, 2020 • All • Views: 2184

Cool bananas envelop case is designed to fit the 13″ range of Apple MacBooks, namely MacBook 13″ and the MacBook Pro 13″!

Have you always wanted something different than the typical zipper case for laptop?

This accessory is your solution - the envelop has a magnet clip that makes it easier and quicker to take out and put back in your laptop. On top of this, talking about in and out, the outside is from a quality leather, and the inside is from soft velvet!

The stylish, and yet slightly retro design only adds awesomeness to your look! We all know that retro is back in trend, don’t miss out - always stay on top!

MacBook-13-CoolBananas-Envelope-Leather-Case-White I need this

This laptop case is perfect for university when all you need  is your laptop to take some notes and of course this envelop case to protect your knowledge ;).  You can also fit a notebook and a pen.  And it also adds to the smart student look. Or even if you are just running by some place quickly or for a short meeting, you don’t have to wonder what kind of bag to take just for your laptop.

The elegant look of the envelop case fits perfectly the simple and stylish design of the MacBooks. And let’s be honest, you don’t want scratches on your beautiful baby!

Even Urban Dictionary agrees: ”Yo dem diggs is cool bananas!”  which is slang for “Hello, I am upmost impressed by the stylistic variation and nuance of your attire!”

Go B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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I need this, I want this!

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