Finally a tiny iPhone charger that fits in your pocket!

July 12, 2012 • All • Views: 1490

iphone charger fits in pocket

There we go, a tiny charger that you can slip into your pocket. You can carry it around anywhere you go, keep it in your bag, wehere ever you choose you’ll be safe. The best thing about it is it charges other USB devices (Android phones!!) as well (I’ll stick to the iPhone one, since the battery dies waaay too quickly!).

Imagine this situation:

You’re walking down the street, looking for the party you were invited to. GPS is on and you’re following its directions, you’re safe! BUT WAIT! The battery just died, and you have no idea how to get to the party (replace party with any other destination of importance to you). Yeah, this horrific situation happens much too often, but not anymore!:)

Apparently it gives 25 hours of talk time, not sure how much that translates to playing games but you get the picture. It gives an iPad 4 1/2 hours of usage.

I want this, I need this! And so do you.

iphone charger fits in pocket

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