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Stick n find tracker for iphone

May 22, 2020 • All • Views: 3321

Summer is coming, road trips are on the way, beach parties and what not!

But think about the multiple times you have lost something valuable to you during your summer holiday, or even just your shoes on the beach, or around your tent.. You KNOW it should be somewhere there and you have dreamed to have something with which you can MAGICALLY locate your missing wallet..

Well, now it exists! The awesome Stick-N-find Bluetooth tracker is a coin size device that is linked to an App on your phone through Bluetooth and helps you locate any object, animate or inanimate for that matter, in a range of 100 feet. The battery lasts over a year!

The radar screen cannot tell you the exact direction but it only tells the distance from the object, thus you have to walk around a bit and see if you get closer or further away. It is kind of like playing the hot and cold game! The stickers themselves BUZZ and FLASH so you can find things in the dark as well!

Another useful function is that if the sticker you are looking for is not in range at the moment, once it is in range your phone will Alarm you.

You can attach the sticker to your pet collar and the App’s special feature called Virtual Leash warns you when your pet wanders further away than the approximate selected from you distance! How amazing is this? No more panic attacks when your naughty little kitty takes on an adventure!

On a second thought… you can also track your naughty boyfriend/girlfriend, but be careful instead of locating their approximate distance, not to receive an approximate distance restraining order! ;)

Stick-N-find bluetooth tracker app i need this i want this

The only requirement: the Stick-N-Find tracker supports only iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad) or Android devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, running Android 4.1 and newer.

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