The Griffin’s Twenty amplifier is quality at its best

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If you used Apple’s Airport Express so far, Griffin’s Twenty will take you to the next level. This low-profile, all digital amplifier is so easy to set up, even you’re grandma would know how to do it. You don’t believe it? Well then let me tell you how it works: AirPlay works by streaming audio from your iTunes library or AirPlay-enabled apps directly to your Airport Express. Twenty then takes the digital output of your Airport Express, amplifies the audio, and sends the sound through your speakers. The quality Griffin’s Twenty provides you with is so awesome that you’re never want to miss out on it again.


Best thing at the end: Eventhough Twenty is designed to provide docking with the original Airport Express, it is ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH ANY DOGITAL AUDIO SOURCE including the new Airport Express. OMG!


Introducing the Twenty Audio Amplifier  by Griffin

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