Scanomat Top Brewer Coffee Machine for a Delightful start of the day

April 1, 2020 • All • Views: 3573

Let me introduce to you: the most BRILLIANT coffee machine! The build-in Top Brewer is the 2013 iF Design Award Winner!

Not only it has an unique design but it screams Minimalism, Simplicity and pure Beauty.

The BEST part of it? You can control it from your iPhone or iPad with a special App! Make your coffee just with a touch on the screen - this is as easy as it gets! I know… AMAZING, right?!

You can choose your type of drink and You can adjust the amount of indigence according to your choice. Too much milk every time you want a Cappuccino? No problem, now you can do it YOUR WAY!

The Top Brewer can be build in any tabletop and its neat design is created to fit every kitchen surrounding. It doesn’t take a lot of space like the other bulky coffee machines  that you always wonder where to fit on your kitchen counter!

Some of its amazing features:

  • stainless steel
  • automatic cleaning - flushes and rinses the brewer and the milk line after each brewing
  • automatic milk system - it has the smallest milk frother, and after every dispense of milk it takes it back and cleans the whole system
  • the elegant neck is ajustable at hight - you don’t have to be at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to shove that BIG cup in there!
  • serves hot and cold - water, fresh icy juice or hot chocolate
  • 15 sec to brew a Filtered Coffee
  • 25 sec to brew an Espresso
  • 45 sec to come back from a standby and be ready to brew. The zero-watt system shuts down completely when the machine is not used to save energy, but it comes back to life faster than you wake up!

Because coffee is the highlight of your day!

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