Top Decal Rainbow keyboard stickers to protect your Macbook

Top Decal keyboard sticker

April 21, 2020 • All • Views: 3184

Top decal rainbow stickers keyboard protection I need this i want this

These awesome Top Decal Rainbow keyboard stickers will bring the colors in your life!

It is time to shake up from the looooong grey winter and get in a spring mood, so color your MacBook keyboard with these beautiful pastel colors. The protective stickers are so ART, that just by looking at the picture I get inspired and full with positive energy!

Unlike the other keyboard covers, this one is from decals that you will have to paste yourself on the keys, but you know what they say: nothing great comes without a bit of effort!

On the bright side, the colorful stickers are waterproof and very easy to stick on and take off.

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Top Decal keyboard sticker I need this I want this

Honestly, these RAINBOW stickers look so much fun and it is quite a stylish way to decorate your keyboard. (And they whisper: I know you need me, I know you want me…)

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